Calculated Number Display Control

OK, one more thing I’m needing for the FS1R, a frequency display Control. Operators can be either Fixed Freq, or FM Ratios. Unvoiced Operators also use Fixed mode. The frequency of the Operator is set by a coarse and a fine Freq setting.
The Fs1R uses the equation Freq = C1*Power(2,co-1)*Power(C2,fi) where co is the coarse setting, fi is the fine setting, and C1 and C2 are constants. I need to display the Frequency resulting from the calculation to show what frequency the Operator is set at.
Currently there isn’t a Control to simply display a value, a Real number like 2345.63 Hertz.

Use a dummy pad and change its name with the value you want to show.

Or change the value shown of the fine tune, whenever one of both controls is changed. That would save you a control space.

Excellent suggestion, Thanks!