Help creating a preset

I’ve tackled creating a preset from scratch to learn and, well… I needed it:)
I’ve resisted asking for help multiple times, and now there’s one last thing that I can’t seem to figure out and want to know I’d it is even possible before I spend my whole Sunday on it.

I’ve made a preset for Arturia rev plate plugin.

There’s a high freq setting on the post eq section that goes from 200Hz to 20000Hz. That’s the one I can’t get right.
If I use the fader as is in the Electra editor, with just freq as name, it works. But instead of the right freq number, I get obviously the midi values.
I’ve tried using 14bit no change. I’m guessing it has to do with the wide range of values, but what would be the solution? (Kinda hoping it’s not Lua because I no 0 about it, yet).
Now for the low freq setting which is 20hz to 2000, I’m able to set it right.
That’s it,
Have a great Sunday everyone.

Care to share your preset? Then we can take a peek

Found your preset.
You already did great. Howver, this couldn’t be solved without 6 lines of lua, so I added them for you.

Apart from that code (which formats what you get to see with values multiplied by 10 or 100) you also need to give the right function to the control’s format field.

I also took the liberty to change the DB and DRY/WET control.

Check your amended preset here Electra One App

I’m going to.
Thank you mate!
I will try to learn a bit of Lua with this as well.

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