Envelope Generator Copy Paste

I could really use Copy and Paste buttons in the EG popup window, the FS1R has 8 operators and I’m always trying to copy the same values into several locations. I may try to squeeze them in somewhere else since there currently isn’t a way for me to do that.

In an old preset, the one for Korg 03R/W (which will be upgraded to at 01R/W at some point) I had foreseen two ways where data was being auto-set by tweaking another control. Not exactly a copy function but it might do what your are looking for:

  • change ADSR mode: it allowed you to use the EG in ADSR mode rather than its standard ADBSSR EG.
  • osc1 to osc2 link: tweaking a parameter in osc1 was replicated in the correspondending osc2 parameter.

Thanks NewIgnis, I have the code figured out to set a parameter in the parameter map and then ‘send’ the parameter out to the synth. What I want is a convenient button to Copy a set of values into variables from one ADSR Control, then a Paste button to write the variable values into a different ADSR Control. Is that more clear? I want to be able to Copy the settings from FM Operator 2 into Operators 4, 5, 6, 7 for example. Retyping the values in 5 times every time I alter the envelopes gets tedious.

I have a set of buttons on another page figured out to do it, but it takes 10 buttons/ Control slots. I have 8 buttons to select the Operators and two buttons for Copy/Paste.

You might do it with three controls: one selection list ‘source’, one selection list ‘destination ‘ and then one toggle pad to execute the copy.

Hey! Now you’re thinking! I like that idea, thanks.

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