Can presets load presets?

I’m running into memory limitations with my current preset creation effort. One thought I had is this - if I broke it up into logical separate parts, could I have a preset load a different preset based on the data received?

(I’m not anywhere near an Electra One to test this theory, but I also have other questions related to this attempt).

I see in the docs there is a sysex call to switch preset slot (0xF0 0x00 0x21 0x45 0x09 0x08 bank-number slot 0xF7)
Can I send that sysex message from inside my preset to switch to a different preset? (using midi.sendSysex(PORT_CTL, message)?)

If I do, is anything preserved across the switch? I’m specifically thinking of the incoming system exclusive block that was received, or is all memory cleared out?

EDIT – it appears that the initial answer is NO.

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