Send a MIDI message every time a preset is loaded in Electra, possible?

Is it possible to send a MIDI message every time a preset is loaded in Electra? Just like MIDI Control/Configuration but in reverse. It would be good if, for example, Electra could send a program change to mioXL every time a preset is loaded.



I used to want the E1 send a midi cc message when changing pages.
An m4l device was the solution, because e1 sends a sysex message when changing pages, the m4l device converts this sysex message into a midi cc message.

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I’d suggest to create a copy of a preset so that you have your own version. Then add the following to that preset using the Lua editor:

function preset.onLoad()
    midi.sendProgramChange (PORT_1, 1, 10)

The preset.onLoad is called whenever you switch a preset on the E1 controller. You can do any type of messaging in there. The above example demonstrates sending a program change message.

You can find more info on both function at docs.electra,.one / Lua Extension.

Thanks Martin. I will try it but how do I know the name of the mioXL Preset Selector port? I can only see PORT_1, PORT_2, PORT_CTRL in the documentation. I’m guessing it’s the ports on the Electra.

This needs to be checked in MioXL documentation / forum. The Preset Selector port is be available only as a USB interface port on the computer where MioXL is connected. I tried to configure my Mio so that messages sent to MIDI IO DIN 1 are routed to the Preset Selector port. Just to see if program changes would work then. No luck though…

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