Transmit preset from E1 to computer

Hi, I think I have overwritten a preset from my own preset library. I have the preset still on my E1.
How can I transmit this preset from my E1 back to the computer to put it back into my library?

Hi Florian,

there are three ways to recover the preset:

  1. Use the import preset option in the Controller section of your account.

An option to import a preset should be shown when the preset name is selected and the preset is not located in your preset library. The import will add the preset to My presets.

  1. Send sysex messages to retrieve a preset.

Make the preset active on the controller. Then sending F0 00 21 45 02 01 F7 to the CTRL port will force your E1 to return the sysex data with the preset JSON data (note to import it to the preset library, you need to extract plain JSON part out the received data). Sysex message F0 00 21 45 02 7C F7 can be used to retrieve Preset’s Lua script.

  1. Let me know the name of the preset and I can retrieve it for you from the database backup.
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