Can't get it working: load a page / preset via Morningstar MC8 PC (message)

Hey there,
when I hit a button of my Morningstar MC8 is sending PC message 0 (MIDI channel 3) to the Electra One nothing happens. I only see that MIDI 1 IN (and USB MIDI) of the Electra One flashes short (means the PC message 0 from Morningstar MC8 was received) when I hit the button of MC8 but no preset / page was loaded.

The current settings on my Electra One:

Is there something wrong?

I also wonder why I can’t set a MIDI channel in (for loading preset / pages)

Btw: MIDI cable is connected: MC8 (MIDI OUT) to Electra One (MIDI 1 IN)

And the MC8 is powered via USB cable by a powerbank. It’s not hooked via USB on USB-HOST of Electra One.

It could be caused by the same kind of limitations mentioned here :

So let’s wait until Martin finds some time to get back to development and improvements…

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