MIDI control via computer

I’d like to change my E1’s pages and presets from a midi controller I have plugged in to my computer (Elgato Stream Deck). I can tell it send any message to the Electra Control port, and I guess the mac will route it as expected. But on the docs page there is no reference to which messages perform which functions ( External MIDI control | Electra One Documentation )

  1. Am I correct in expecting this to work, despite the docs only making reference to directly
  2. Is there a list anywhere so I don’t have to find out by trial and error?


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@axelf, Electra can be configured by providing a configuration file that defines features such as the MIDI control, preset banks, etc.

The description of the config file is provided at Config format description | Electra One Documentation. Examples can be found on github electra.one/configs at master · martinpavlas/electra.one · GitHub.

It is important to say, that the MIDI Control has been so far designed to work with MIDI controllers connected to Electra’s USB Host port. It should be, however, fairly easy to add support for USB device port. I will add that onto the development todo list. It can be done in next minor release. I expect it to be released quite soon as there will be definitely fixes to be released.

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