Change midi channel on all parameters in a preset


received my E1 yesterday, very good build quality and it’s very nice too. I just download Minilogue XD preset to test with mine. The preset use midi channel 8. I use midi channel 10 and would like to avoid to change it since i use it in a big number of tracks in my MPCX and i have other synth that use channel 8 already. So i modify the preset so each parameters respond to channel 10.

Is there a way i missed to change all parameters midi channel at once, and not one by one as i just did it?


Hi @Richard,

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You can change the channel of the device itself. In your case it means you will change channel 8 to channel 10.

Steps to take:

  1. open the list of devices by clicking the Device

  2. pick the Korg Minilogue XD

  3. click the settings of the device

  4. change the port as you need

Hope it helps. If not, let me know. Cheers!

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Thanx a lot, i went half way and did not find my way from step 3. Sorry i missed this and thanx for your time.
E1 is hooked up via USB to MPCX, then i internally (in the MPCX firmware, standalone mode) route E1 to my XD, it’s working great.

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I’m not sure I got the whole “device” concept (new user), but I was wondering :
I just made a nice editor for a synth, sending and receiving CCs on channel 1 for all controls. What if I change my synth to use channel 2 ? Can I easily change all the controls’ channels ?

Your controls are actually linked to a device and this device is configured to channel 1. You just need to change the configuration of the device to channel 2. (described above or Electra Editor | Electra One Documentation). All controls linked to that device will automatically start sending and receiving on the channel 2.

Ok, now I get it, and the idea of saving devices is brilliant. Thanks !