Changing the midi channel of all controls

Hi there.

Must be a bit dopey but I can’t see how to change the midi channel of multiple selected controls simultaneously. I wanted to make a page for channel 1 of a synth, paste it all over to page 2 and change all the channels in one go, obviously I can change them one at a time but that is kinda laborious…



I am in need of the same thing. I had to change my setup and all my gear has shifted to different midi channels.

Is there a way to do this ?

I suspect that we need to elevate ourselves to ‘level 4 awareness’ and then we will be inducted via some sort of strange ceremony (probably naked) into the ‘Electra Illuminati’ where all manner of amazing functions will be revealed to us by the inner circle of the anointed .

Either that or as I suspect a knob that uses something referred to as ‘LUA’ will hold the channel value and all controls will scoop the value from it. Haven’t got that far yet.

See you (but hopefully not ALL of you) in the basement.

oh, I am sorry @stratblue. I missed that post. I will add an option to set a device for selected controls.

If you want to change channel for controls that already send to/receive data from the same channel, ie. they are assigned to the same device, you can just adjust the channel in the device configuration.

All controls assigned to that MIDI device will automatically use the new settings after the device is updated.

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work. Might it have something to do with the fact that i made all controls individualy with their own midi channel ?

Every control is always assigned to a device. It is not possible to set a port and channel directly. Have you changed the correct device? And have you re-uploaded the preset to the controller?

I did.

But upon starting to modify everything manually i noticed something in the Generic Midi Menu
The first selection in the list has the old MIDI channel and channel 1 has disappeared completely.

That is because you have now two devices configured to port 1 / channel 9. It is always a good idea to give devices a name. It is easier to get oriented in the list.

What is the desired port and channel you want to use? And what device do you see selected in the selection list of Devices for your controls?

I tried giving them names, but for some reason it doesn’t save it. I managed to change the name of my Pulse 2 and the midi channel as you suggested and it worked, but for the rest it doesn’t save the name anymore and the midi channel stays unchanged.

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Ok, just to make sure I understand it correctly: you have your MIDI channels changed and it works. Is that correct or do you need further assistance?

The editor does not keep information about devices that do not have any controls associated. I worked with it yesterday and I agree it can be confusing. I will adjust that.

I managed to changed all my synth, some worked as you suggested others i had to change manually by each controller. Even thou i was doing the exact same same thing as you suggested some of them were not saving the changes.

The editor is pretty straight forward for some of the functions, but it could be made to have more clear understanding of some parts.

Thank you for your help.

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I am busy with improving the mk2 firmware these days. But once, I cover the most important parts, I work on the editor. There has been quite some good suggesting flying around on the forum.