Sending CC > Midi Channel 8?


I just got my Electra One and I am having an issue setting up my hardware setup. I am using more or less all 16 MIDI Channels. First 10 go to my Virus, 4 are sent to single channel Synths, 2 are going to Octatrack and Drummaschine.
In the editor it seems, that I am not able to select something different than Channel1-8, how do I send a CC message to Channel 13 for example?

Thanks, Jens

Maybe the better question is: Where do I find the documentation for the Instrument fileformat, as it seems to be the way to add a Device (Port+Channel) to the list?

I helped myself by reconfiguring Port2 Devices to be the upper channels for Port1. Do I see it right, that I cannot handle more than 16 channels in one Preset?

@martin is this something, that could be changed?
I hoped that I can use Port1 to send MIDI CC to my synths (as the Virus is Multitimbral this could take up 16 channels) and use the second port to send Channel 1-8 to my Octatrack and 9-16 to my Drummaschine (maped to again 1-8 via my MIDI Hub). But I would need 32 Target-Channels for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Uija,

you can choose from all 16 channels. Just click the gear button at the device section.

I admit it is not super obvious. Sorry about that, we have to improve this part of editor.

Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 20.23.34