Change Pad size

Hi there, I find the pads pretty hard to hit in busy stage situations. Because they’re so small, you miss them quickly with your finger on the touch screen.
:arrow_right: So is there an easy way to change the pad size? Or at least the touch sensitive area around a Pad?
Unfortunately I’m not able to get into LUA scripting in a short time.

I’d be really thankful for any help :pray: Thanks in advance!

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it is true that I made the on-screen pads smaller in the 3.x firmware release. The original (2.x firmware) design felt to “crowded/busy” to me.

By making pads smaller, the touch sensitive area was made smaller too. After reading your message I realized that I can keep the graphics smaller but still having the touch sensitive area larger. Let me play around with that. I will share progress of work on it on beta.


Perfect, that would be awesome - better visual overview while having maximum touch sensitivity.
Maybe the touch sensitive area could be “gapless” like on modern smartphone keyboards? Maybe even exceed the headline row of each element?

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That would be great, and also, if possible, in the “Toggle” mode to have a pair of “togglable” texts ? Like ON (if activated) / OFF (if deactivated) for example ?

By the way, please note that when I toggle a pad to its “activated” position the pad is not fully highlighted, only a small part at the left side is. Is this a glitch or a desired effect ?

It is possible to create a list with two different texts and visual variant that resemble the button. To test it out, create a list control and change its variant to “value only”:

It is a desired effect :slight_smile:

Ah OK, thanks ! Great news, I overlooked that feature, although I would have intuitively expected this kind of behaviour and display to be among the PAD possibilities…
In that case would it be possible to have also a choice for a “fully filling colour” feature (including no colour at all as it is now by default) when in such or such position ?

Really ? OK, not sure why though since it is less clear than a fully filled pad…

By the way, if you can bring that “touch sensitive area larger” you talked about for the PADs also for this kind of LIST would be great. And bring the size of the font of the PADs as large as it is for the LIST characters. BIG is more readable from afar…