Using pads without activating a section?


I just got my E1 and am very impressed so far. I spent some time looking through the documentation and browsing this forum for a way to disable the touch screen from changing what the active section is. My hope is to have one section active with faders to control from the knobs while having pads trigger transport controls and mutes. I’d like to be able to hit a pad on the touch screen in an inactive section without activating that section. Is this possible already? If not, I’d love to see this implemented. Thanks!


I’ve been thinking this as well.
It would be super useful in using the touchscreen more as a controller


Or maybe a shortcut to disable the knobs altogether so that all sections could be active at once but only through touch?

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New customer here :slight_smile: I really need this feature to keep ‘knobs as knobs’ and not become inactive when pressing a button in another row set.

In the bitwig controller script - when changing preset page for example - it deactivates the knobs row. It then needs two two taps, one to select a page, and the another to reactivate the knobs. Tedious.

I really want to love the Electra but I’m not not sure if Electra will work out for me as this active zone thing is too limiting.

I understand why it’s there, but some contexts just don’t need 3*12 knobs - or indeed any activation of the whole block if it only consists of pads.

Can you elaborate if this can be resolved?

I saw it mentioned as a possibility on the roadmap.

Hi @Smitherines,

disabling of the active section when the pads are touched has been implemented already. You can enable/disable the feature on the Electra configuration page:

But I hear an extra request there: to keep the selected active section intact when switching the pages. Is that correct? If so, it is an easy thing to implement. Let me know. Thx.

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I 'm also struggling with the question “should it be interesting that the zone selection can be switched on or off?” and I haven’t figured that one out yet. In both cases I make mistakes.

But the following third way could be interesting: what if you can still select a zone by touch, unless you touch a pad? In that case, the pad’s state is changed but the selected zone doesn’t alter.

The option could be called “touch switches control sets, except when touching pads”

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I think this would be easy to remeber… Pads = activation, no selection. I like the idea!

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This would also bring the Electra to new use cases, like a selection page to just select an active track in your daw (out of 36) or switch banks and presets (inc/dec) of different synths in your setup on one Electra page.