Cheers to the Electra project and cheers to you!

Hi everybody!

We took a short time off during the holidays to step out of the project and to spend some time with our families and friends. Well, as much as the covid-19 situation allowed :slight_smile:

2020 was not the best year for launching a new product. There were quite some tough moments. It was you, however, Electra users, who kept us going and gave us the motivation to overcome all problems and re-initiate the project. Thank you for that! Also, thank you for helping us to identify the bugs and bringing in the ideas. We listen to them carefully and we will try to reflect your input.

There are a few important goals we want to achieve in 2021. The first and most important is to make the firmware as stable as possible. I, @martin, am currently putting all the efforts to that area. The upcoming release will bring major improvements. @tomas has a line of work that will bring many important features to the, including the image editor for lists, improved editor of control attributes, tools to allow non-technical users to add SysEx dump parsing rules - ie. make presets that read settings of synth sounds.

Features, such as MIDI LFO, multi-message controls, message sequencing, and saving/loading control values as patches, they are all on the development list and we will keep working on them.

Some of you subscribed to our mailing lists. You might wonder why we do not announce anything there. The reason is simple: we prefer to provide quality support and to be fully available to a limited number of users, rather than trying to sell as much as we could. We will become more active in that area when we feel the controller is super stable and the manufacturing process does not consume excessive time on our side.

We wish you a safe and prosperous 2021! Have lot of fun with making and performing music, playing around with cool gear, and having Electra as an important part of your studio setups!


Martin, Tomas, and Zdenek