Status of the Project and an apology

Dear Electra users,

I would like to apology for the bad communication and the delays during the period from February till June. The Covid-19 situation hit our project in many ways. In January some of our most important suppliers shut down their manufacturing in China and it happened exactly at the moment after we placed and paid rather expensive orders there. It greatly affected the financial stability of the project. This was combined with the fact that Paypal did not pay out the money from pre-orders until June too. We had to put our efforts and time to our primary jobs. Work for our primary jobs got also complicated as the Czech Republic took very restrictive measures regarding Covid-19 and all work had to be done remotely and therefore taking way more time and energy.

Things got back to normal recently. Money arrived, parts arrived, work is back to normal. We are happy to have the time and resources to work on the project again.

We are preparing a release of major firmware update. The update concerns both the Editor and firmware. Many of the known bugs are resolved there and it brings many features such as support of new control types (pads, envelopes), more flexible layouts of controls. During the Covid-19 period, we tested the first versions of the native apps built with the excellent JUCE framework. It means our future native apps will run on all major OS platforms. Last but not least Tomas developed the so-called Electra Account website which makes saving, loading, and sharing of Presets between users really easy.

We are excited to be back on track and we will do our best to undo the frustration we might have caused you.




Really glad to hear it Martin! Glad to have you back, and to have things rolling again.

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Great news, can’t wait :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear everything is back on track and that everything is good with you and the team in these trying times. Cheers!

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Great Martin ! thanks for Message !

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Full support Martin! Thanks for posting. I was hoping you and the team would be ok through these trying times. I love this project <3

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Glad to have you back, here we go again!

this is good news ! :star_struck:

Great to hear! Thanks a lot for the update.

So… when can I order one? :wink:

We have completed and shipped all Electras pre-ordered in past. We are now building up a stock of Electras that will be available for sale from September on. Before we start selling and shipping, a new website will be launched. An we will release a new version of the firmware.

There will be no pre-order batches any more. Just normal online sales.


Excellent news !
Version 2 looks really really great !
I have the feeling this is going to be the greatest midi controller ever made and im serious :slight_smile:

Will it still be possible to daisy chain multiple electra - as am thinking of possibly getting a 2nd one

Hi Robin,

The daisy chain is and will be supported by the firmware. My recommendation, however, is to use powered USB hub plugged to Electra’s host port.

Hi there,

Any word on when units will be available to buy?

Hi, we are waiting for another batch of pcb to arrive from our supplier. It should arrive in the second half of September. We will be ready to ship shortly afterwards.

Thanks Martin. Great news

Thanks for all the great work!

Any news on availability? Everything going to plan?

Another batch of assembled PCBs arrived from China yesterday. We will start with assembly on Friday. And we will open the webshop as soon as we have some electras assembled. I expect it some time next week.

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Hi Martin. This is very good news. I have been following your project for a while now and have been waiting for this opportunity to arrive. Looking forward to immediately purchasing your device.

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