An update

Hi everybody,

there have been a few updates like this one in the past. Covid, shortage of the components, it all put obstacles to our plans and we were trying to find ways to overcome that. I have been completely silent since the beginning of February. Unfortunately, an unexpected and serious health issue affected my family and I had to quit all work activities.

I am now trying to slowly get back to working on the Electra project again. I would like to assure all Electra owners that the project will continue and it is important for me to keep it going. I just need to find ways of combining that with the new situation I am in now.

I apologize for possibly a strange and maybe too personal message, but I felt an update and message from my side is needed.




Martin, we are praying for you and your family.

Take comfort that there are people around the that are awake and ready to jump in and help out fellow Electra One users as best we can.


Hi Martin, thanks for the update which goes to show the quality of your commitment to your customers. The Electra One is a unique project and I’m glad you are determined to keep it going in spite of the huge worldwide crisis hurting all, and in particular the smaller ones, individual people and small companies like yours…
Crossing fingers that you can get back to full time development ASAP ! and wishing you the best for you and your family…


Thank you for the update. I’m so sorry that this health crisis has struck your family. We all know that you’re doing your best. Best wishes.


Take care and best wishes for your family :heart:


Hi Martin. Thanks very much for the update and please put family first. Looking forward to further updates and excuses to buy more E1s when the time is right!


Martin - thanks for update. Look after yourself and family. All the best.


Well wishes to you and your family Martin.


Thanks to everybody for coming with kind words and for the patience. Things have changed for me but I was able to find a way to adjust to the new situation and found time to work on Electra again. I am spending most of the time on preparing a major firmware update. It should make your Electras faster, more stable, and address many requests and issues discussed on the forum.