Console app midi filter / midi log save button


Just received my Electra One today. As a first start I am trying to “midi learn” a template together for my SY85 which handily sends out sysex messages on every parameter change made on the synth itself. (Which works great with midi learn in the editor btw)

But the SY85 also sends clock / active sensing. So any sysex message that appears in the MIDI tab of the console scrolls out of view very quickly.

The synth sadly has no way to turn off active sensing. Is there any plan to add a message filter to the console…or a save button so I can inspect the midi messages from a text file?

(Workaround: make console window really long, change setting on synth, run to keyboard and make screenshot :slight_smile: )

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Don’t know which midi interface you use, but if you go through an iconnectivity one, you can filter out active sensing

Hi @L56 ,

welcome here! You really forced me to get my old TG500 (which is basically SY85 in rack) out of the locker :slight_smile:

Perfectly valid point. We do filter these messages out in the Logs but there is no way to filter them out in the MIDI tab. @akira it should be fairly easy to do, right?

As a workaround I would suggest using MidiMonitor (or other MIDI monitoring application) instead. As Electra forwards the messages to the computer, you can monitor them there too.

Thanks for the suggestion, Markus!

I have it connected directly to Mac via USB and MIDI in and out 1 to the SY85.

I do have a ESI mu4ex (it think that is the name) but it has no filtering functions that I know of. So I think I am reliant on the software. :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin! Glad to be here! But why was the TG500 in the locker in the first place? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion for MidiMonitor. Will check it out.

And for considering to add the filter to the console app of course!

A bit more background why MIDI learn does not work for me in this situation: I am trying to catch the filter control mode which can be set to EG and LFO. But the same sysex message is used to set the filter type (low pass , high pass etc) via different byte positions. I can use the sysex message in the parameter list manual to find out what byte needs to be set but the monitor is just as handy, if not more. :slight_smile:

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On windows you could also use midi-ox, filter out active sensing and then forward to the sy85. I forgot the name of the equivalent osx program, but there is one


Filtering the messages is trivial indeed, surfacing a control to toggle filters is slightly more involved but definitely doable. I’ve created an issue, will update this thread when it’s done.


because programming it without e1 preset is just a nightmare :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded Midi Monitor by Snoize. It’s the one from Martin’s post. It also has a hex view of a patch dump. Really nice.