Electra One Console app - silence noisy MIDI clock (F8) messages in MIDI tab?

Hi all,

When I need to monitor MIDI messages in detail for some reason, I find myself using the MIDI tab in the Electra One Console app. It’s super useful but the MIDI event list constantly fills up with MIDI clock messages (F8), so it’s always scrolling. This makes it difficult to see non-clock MIDI messages in between all the noise.

Sure, I could disable MIDI clock externally, but that’s a pain. Much better would be a way to simply pause/unpause monitoring and/or filter out MIDI clock in the console app.

I understand it’s probably only meant to be a very basic MIDI monitoring feature, but a couple of tweaks in that regard would go a long way.

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My solution was to use an external midi monitoring app like Midi Monitor from Snoize. Here you can filter what is shown. For me it was Active Sensing from a Yamaha synth that filled up the log but you can filter out anything


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