Useful preset idea

One thing that seems to be happening more and more is that people with non-trivial MIDI setups sometimes have issues debugging MIDI and MIDI routing problems.

One of the common complaints is - I can’t see what’s actually coming to my computer/controller/sequencer/synth.

It would be kind of nice if the user had an Electra One to be able to unplug the MIDI cable at a device, plug it into port 2 and then from port 2 out to device in and then use the Electra One screen to watch the MIDI traffic. So the E1 would be like a hardware through box that just happens to display what’s on the wire.

I could see initially using the 6 group sections on a screen to display the MIDI data and have it separated - one line for clock/realtime, one for note messages, one for CCs/NRPNs, and one for sysex
and then have a few controls to do some filtering or something.

Just a vague idea at the moment, but throwing it out there to see what others think.

this is one of the reasons why I added the MIDI Console to the If your device is connected to, say, port 2. If you select Port 2 in the MIDI Console, you will be able to see the traffic. Of course it is in the web app.

But when working with it I realized something else. It is a bit awkward and confusing that when electra one is switched to the MIDI Learn mode, it does not indicate that on the screen. So, first, I though there could be a small indicator in the status bar. But that my thinking went pretty much in the same direction as you describe - display what is happening on the screen…