Control ID numbering changes

Hi @martin & @Tomas,

I noticed that the latest Web App does a reshuffle of Control ID’s (when importing a preset file).
Is this due to Group’s are now Control’s under the hood?

There are now 72 ‘controls’ per page, former control #0 is now control #6, adjacent controls are one-up, but one row down has a jump of 6 (due to Group controls?)

Could you tell me if I’m right?

The ‘Bitwig Control’ preset currently miscalculates labeling due to this.


PS Current users of Bitwig Control are not affected, but new installs will suffer, due to this Control-ID reshuffling

Hi Joris,

thanks for the bug report. The fix was just released to production. Could you please test it with your Bitwig Control preset and confirm that the fix solved the issue?



Hi Tomas,

Yes, that works fine now. To explain the fix you’ve made (as I understand it):

  • While editing, you’ll see the new numbering, so the first control on page 1 is now #6
  • At export (Download or ‘Send to Electra’) the new numbering is reset to the former numbering (so the first control on page 1 is now #1)

Works out great! Thanks!


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