Electra App update - Copy & Paste controls together with group labels

The new version of Electra App was just released at https://app.electra.one


  • Copy & Pasting controls together with group labels (see screenshot)
  • Preset revisions are stored automatically whenever preset is edited in Editor.
    • From preset detail, you can go back in time to any revision by clicking the link “see revisions”.
    • You can see the preset detail for each revision, send it to Electra or download the preset revision.



Thanks @Tomas - nice usability improvements :slight_smile:

nice, just missed it. could have saved me work.

hmm… when I tried to make a preset last weekend I couldn’t find copy&paste anywhere - you’re screenshot doesn’t show any of the functionality - I couldn’t even select multiple controls.

Hi Jan, use "Shift + mouse click" to select the controls on the grid and then CTRL + C and CTRL + V to make a copy. More info on this can be found at [Editing the grid | Electra One documentation].(Electra Editor | Electra One Documentation)

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Ah, hidden easter egg :smiley: Just a tiny tipp: If you make a post like this @Tomas …it’d be really helpful to add information how to use it :slight_smile: (the screenshot didn’t didn’t give any hints about the shortcuts / usage)

Are you planning to make multiple edits for the selections possible? (like changing the Midi Channel, colour for all selected?)

Anyways! Very good feature! Thanks for implementing! Also revisions seem very useful.


I’ve used the copy and paste function a gazillion times in the meantime. Very useful.