E1 Web Configuration | MIDI Control limited to 17 entries?

After the update to firmware v3.0 and another few hours testing I was finally able to call up Presets and Pages remotely using MIDI commands.

But at least in my case it is obviously not possible to assign more than 17 MIDI commands. As soon as I try to create one command in addition it doesn’t work. The issue is that it is not visible before a browser refresh which took me quite some time to figure out the reason.

In case I shoot a video clip demonstrating the issue.

Happy New Year everyone!


I am about to do some work on the configuration page - it is still a bit messy. I will take a look at this too.

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I made changes to the Configuration page. It has been split do several sections. External MIDI Control is one of them. It has been cleaned up and there should not be any restriction on number of entries.

When working on it, the following crossed my mind. I am not sure, however, if it would actually bring extra value:

  1. add an option to MIDI learn the commands
  2. add an option to run the “command” message from the Configuration page - to see that E1 reacts to it correctly. (I do it now in the MIDI Console manually)
  3. display bank number and preset slot instead of cryptic preset ID, or possibly bank names and preset names?
  4. reorder and edit existing entries

some (of above) seem to be obvious, some not. Maybe I am missing something too. Just collecting input…

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Thanks so much @martin!

Will definitely check this during the weekend. :pray: :wink:

If I have an idea I’ll share it afterwards here.

Hi Martin,

thanks again for these improvements. Everything on the configuration pages looks better organized now and is fun to work with.

I checked some things today and like to share my experience.

First of all from your improvement list my personal favourites are 2. and 4… They would really help to make these assignments way faster.

Additionally I had some issues today.

In my case it looks like the E1 is not really differentiate in every case between Control Change and Program Change commands. I tried to assign it like this and sent the commands sequentially …

… which didn’t work. As soon as I have Program Change command within the possible preset range (1 to 72) E1 uses the Program Change command to not change pages as configured but presets.

To verify I changed the Program Change commands to start with 101 for page 1 and so on which works. I tried different delay times between both commands from 0.07 to 0.5 seconds without any difference.

If necessary I can shoot another video like the last one. But maybe it is reproducible without it.

Another issue I had is that the preset change takes a long time when more pages and controllers on the target preset are used. I have two presets containing about 8 pages that are almost entirely occupied with controllers. To change to such a preset takes up to 17 seconds. As follows the time stamps from the start of the preset change command to the final change.

14:06:50.776 Start
14:07:08.690 Finish

Between this time stamps the E1 sends 2.573 SysEx messages on the CTRL port which looks like an entire bulk dump of the unit or at least the preset. I can provide an Excel sheet with the complete data if it might help.

I wonder if it is necessary at all to send something FROM the E1 when it is the destination to just change presets.


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@HaPe thanks for your input!

E1 supports standard bank select + program changes. These are setup to have higher priority than the external MIDI control. Which is not right. I have just adjusted that so that external MIDI control is processed first (not released yet). If the incoming MIDI message does not match any of users assignments, it is used for the standard bank select + program change. If believe that will resolve your problem.

the 2.5k messages are the Log messages that you are observing in the Electra One Console / Web Debugger. Logging slows things down, but still, 17 secs is too long. I have just loaded 72 large presets to my Electra and will try to replicate that.

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@martin thanks so much for your answers and the given informations. Looking forward to check the MIDI improvements at some later point. Currently I can totally live with my solution.

Is it possible to deactivate this Logging routine? What is the benefit of this Log messages?

If this is already described in the manual or elsewhere please, just send me a link.

But no rush, take your time. I know you are very busy.