Development plan

Delighted by this list, for all that I know it’ll take a good while to work through. If I can put a vote in for Android support — it’d be nice to have a relatively cheap option for running the editor that’s not a full laptop, and if you’re doing everything in React native or something like that, the actual port should be pretty lightweight.

I think there’s a lot of stuff that could potentially go alone with MIDI LFOs — thinking of the whole list of stuff the that the Blokas Midihub does here, but with the ability to put a UI on it at the same time. That’s a whole other world, though.

Thanks for sharing this impressive list. Helps to understand the amount of work you supply…

Does that include the possibility of a “polyphonic touch” on the key pads as I suggested in some other thread ? (at least of 5 simultaneous keys/notes if I understand correctly)

Yes, it does. It should work “out-of-the-box” as soon as multi-touch is enabled. 5 simultaneous keys will be the limit though. It comes from the hardware.

Great to hear !
By the way, it could be a nice additional touch to allow the triggering of the keys by tapping on the corresponding physical knobs and - as suggested in another thread - to keep a “key-only” area permanently active while still being able to select one of the 2 other areas to tweak knobs while playing the keypads below, what do you think ?

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Looks promising! excellent!

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Wow, some ambitious plans here. Thats amazing! :heart_eyes:

One request I have: I would like to program knobs to send out MIDI program change messages, which are not CC as we know. Had be recorded somewhere before, but maybe here is the right place?

Thanks for all the interesting ideas ahead :slight_smile:

After my first days with the Electra One im especially exited about these two topics

More variables in MIDI messaging
It would be great, if I can use the midi in to ctrl the electra with older midi gear (w/o usb). Also letting through other midi messages not used by the electra… And switching sections on the electra touchscreen via midi.

Customize user interface means
I see all the different use cases for direct and fast control. So customization options would be splendid.

Program change fader is available in beta firmware 1.5.7. It seemed to work well for me. Selecting the right bank will still have to be done before using the program fader. One of the items in the dev. plan seems to be sending multiple messages with one control. So, when that’s implemented, perhaps it is possible that we can just use a virtual param to capture the bank and send both bank select and program change messages out with the program change fader.

Thank you! I’m farily new here - I only found firmware 1.5.1, where would be 1.5.7? I might have missed the download page?

Same thread as 1.5.1, a bit down: New ElectraOne console / Testing needed - #10 by martin. Oh, and to get it in editor, you have to use the beta editor as well:

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Could someone clarify “virtual parameter” please? thanx guys

This is a good example to explain virtual param: Firmware 1.5 - #7 by martin

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Just an update on this one.

A teaser first:

With numerous feature requests after the last production batch I have decided to find a way to make it possible for you users to implement it by yourself :slight_smile:

Making the beta firmware a regular release has been postponed to make it possible to add a Lua scripting language. I tried to design the Lua interface to so that it addresses the recurring pains and allows scripting of the features on the list above. The beta is available for download, but, of course, it is meant for testing purposes only so far. Of course, the scripting is not for everybody. It is, however, fairly simple for many to spice up the scripts and also it will allow me to be more efficient in providing help.

A good thing I would like to share with you is that current beta firmware allowed me to:

  • Update presets at the runtime. This means to show and hide controls, change their labels, colours, groups, etc. This is meant primarily for integrations with DAWs. With this DAWcan rearrange presets to match the channel strips or plugin parameters.
  • Update preset layout based on values of particular control (see above)
  • Insert calculated bytes to the SysEx templates. This is resolves the long-awaited possibility to adjust the channel/device bytes in the SysEx messages, add possibility to write own checksum calculators, etc.
  • Send multiple MIDI messages with one control and trigger them on conditions
  • Change channel and port assignments dynamically with controls (for example with a list)
  • Allow groups to be rectangular
  • Implement sending of Midi messages and / or modulate parameter values on MIDI clock or make Electra a source of such generated data. This allows implementation of any type of MIDI LFOs, etc.

Whoever wants to test, please check the information at Please do not use it for anything other than testing. As of today, I will not be adding any new features to the beta, just fixing bugs reported by testers and on the forum. Once it looks stable enough, it will be released as a regular version.


Wow - that looks like a great direction to solve all the requests!

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about Windows and Midi multiclient drivers I found this:

One great feature of the new API is that it is multi-client. As long as all apps with the port open are using the Windows 10 UWP MIDI API and not the older Win32 MME or DirectMusic APIs, they can share the same device. This is something the older APIs don’t handle without custom drivers and was a common request from our partners and customers.

Finally, it’s important to note that the Windows 10 UWP MIDI API works with all recognized MIDI devices, whether they use class drivers or their own custom drivers. This includes many software-based MIDI utilities implemented as drivers on Windows 10.

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Last bits before making the firmware github repo public. 5 point multi-touch for all Electras!


Yeah, but problem with this is, that nobody (as in DAWs) uses the new uwp api. But they are working on bringing multi client to the old drivers as well.

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Hi @martin,

I know you are super busy, but a LUA question (request?)

Could we get access to Overlays (Lists), as in being able to add/remove Overlay entries (List Items), or create new Overlays (Lists) via the Preset Lua extension.



Currently, one can switch the lists. Modifying the lists is not possible. The reason behind that is that lists have a static definition and modifying them would cause memory fragmentation. It is an explanation of why it has not been so far. It is not that trivial to do :slight_smile:

The management of lists will be change as part of porting the ctrlv2 app onto the new opensource base firmware. Once it is done, it should be much easier to implement. It is definitely on my todo.

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