Button that allow you to randomise the values on the current preset then send them to the device


This belongs to the Snapshots feature. My idea is that the user could set the “amount of change” for each control in the Electra One console, Something like from 0% to 100%, and transfer this information to the controller. Once the info is in the controller there would be a button to randomize the control values accordingly.


That would be cool. I’ve currently been playing around with the snaps feature as a way of storing a custom init patch and then diving off sound design from there. A randomise feature would also be a cool way to start some patches

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+1 for Randomise; particularly if objects could be set to be part of 0 or more Randomise Groups for discrete triggering and % impact)

  • 1 for randomise too :smiley: the suggested implementation allows full range from randomise everything to a very specific requirement - super!

+1 for Randomise function