Disk mode crashes Windows Explorer - Mk ii

Hi all,

My Electra One MK ii arrived recently with firmware 3.5.4.

Putting it in disk mode on my AMD PC on Win 11, I couldn’t copy files to it, as clicking on its file structure is disk mode instantly crashed windows explorer.

The same happened under Windows 11 on an intel laptop.

Eventually I had to use a friend’s mac to update it, which had no issues.

On the new 3.6 firmware, the Electra One still immediately crashes explorer on both PCs.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. As mentioned in another thread, an update of the bootloader is being prepared, it will resolve issues with Windows 11 compatibility.

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No problem at all, I just used a mac to update, I figured it was likely me worth flagging it just in case it got missed :+1: