Display Brightness - HW 2.20 required

Hi all, just a general question. I see that the Display Brightness option in the settings says “HW 2.20 required”. When I boot up I see that I have HW V2.0, is this normal? Is it just a functionality that is still not unlocked?


you can unlock that functionality by sharing four presets to the public. No, I am kidding, sorry :slight_smile:

The first batches of Electras (hw revision 2.0 and 2.1) did not have the hardware circuity to control the LCD brightness. It was added in revision 2.2. But… the info about the hardware revision and serial number is written to the on-chip eeprom. I have discovered recently that the bootloader chip clears that info when the hard-reset is performed. I am preparing a general fix for it - so that the information is reconstructed for those who have hard-reset their units. In longer run I am planning to leave the teensy based bootloader…

Thanks Martin, I was swearing that functionality was available when I first received the unit. Messing with it carries consequences I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know a fix is on the way!