DSI Evolver

it would be really nice to have a preset for the dsi evolver !

i would start it by myselfe but i dont get it to work with the evolver and midi learn…
if somebody could help me out with settings on the evolver/electra one to transmit the right data please !


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I do not have Evolver, but I got DSI Mopho working fine - using the NRPN. I assume Evolver has similar MIDI implementation.

For the start, can you do following:

  • have DSI Evolver connected to Electra
  • start ElectraOneConsole
  • turn on Midi learn in the Editor
  • change some parameters on the Evolver

After doing this you should have some “log messages” in the ElectraOneConsole. Those messages can be downloaded. If you send them to me. I can check what is happening.


hi martin,
just mailed it out to you !

anyone can help out here ?
it would be nice to have an editor for the evolver :slight_smile:

Hi Wanne,

thanks for reminding this old thread. Sorry for the delay.

I downloaded the Evolver manual and looked at the log files you provided earlier. From the log files I can see that your Evolver transfers parameter changes in Sysex format, Electra catches these messages in MIDI learn mode. The Evelover, however, splits the value into two bytes (MSB and LSB), therefore, each captured Sysex message needs a bit doing.

Before we get to that, I would like to check something else though. From the manual I can see that parameter changes can be received and send as CC7. Whenever possible, it is better to use CC messages instead of sysex. They are faster to process.

Can you please check settings of “MIDI Rec” and “MIDI Xmit” parameters on your Evolver? They are located in the first row.

If you have these set to “Pro”, try to change it to “Par”. Then try MIDI Learn again. I cannot varify that, but you should receive CC messages instead of Sysex. If not, I will send you an example how to adjust Sysex messages to get them working.