Prophet 6

Hey guys! Nick here, total newbie :wink: Does anyone have any presets for the Prophet 6? I just got one. If not, I’ll try to make one and share, but any help would be appreciate even if just to get me going… Thank you!

Hey Nick welcome!

Based on Pedro’s as1 editor I made one that also includes patch parsing.
Since the AS1 is pretty much a single voice P6 it might be a good start? Not sure

Looks great thanks! Gonna check it out and revert asap

hey flyweight! just getting into it. thanks for the welcome. I’ve got it soewhat working - one question - patch request does not seem to update the controller to the prophet’s settings. is there anything we can do on that side? I have the synth set to transmit and receive nrpn… not sure if that’s right or not… love any guidance, thank you!

I have no experience with the P6 but for “patch request” to work I would start first with comparing the manual of the AS1 and the P6.

I am witting a sysex parsing tutorial here; ocean/ at main · timandtheocean/ocean · GitHub

There should be another one here on the forum.

So you probably have to go through that process.
Before you do you can try to edit the patch request section in the json file.
The patch request and response header will be different for sure.
The patch map might be the same if you have the header right.

See more info: Parsing SysEx messages | Electra One Documentation



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thanks, tim! Will check it out asap