Dump request values not received or when correctly received not well represented

In my preset with patch request for the OB-6 I 'm setting up 2 requests, the regular patch dump request and the globals dump request. Both go wrong differently.

Issues with the patch dump request:
What is good:

  • I manage to trigger the request
  • Via my MioXL I see the request being responded by the OB-6
  • Via MIDI-OX I see the response returning to the E1

What is not good:

  • On the E1 the MIDI 1 IN does not light up.
  • On the E1 patch editor the SysEx message does not appear

Why is this message disregarded? Be aware the response is 4*256 bytes and one time 152 bytes long.

Issues with the globals dump request:

What is good:

  • Via controller with parameter 1126 and function “globalsRequest”, I am able to fire the request
  • I see the OB-6 respond in Midi-OX:
  • On the E1 the MIDI 1 IN lights up for this message
  • On the E1 patch editor the SysEx message does appear
  • Look at byte 4: it has value 1 assigned to clock port param 1028
    The control has value ‘USB’ assigned to that control:
  • And indeed the OB-6 has that same value.

What is not good:

  • If I request the globals dump, all the aforementioned happens, but on the E1 itself the control keeps showing ‘DIN MIDI’ which corresponds to the value 0 ???
    The same happens with some of the other controllers.
    But when I turn those knobs on the E1, or I change the global values on the OB-6, both instruments nicely sync.

What am I doing wrong? Why is it the SysEx is well received, correctly assigned to controllers, but then incorrectly represented on the E1?

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Hi @NewIgnis, please send me the .syx files with the patch dump and the globals dump. I will try to replicate it on my controller. Thanks!

Here are the requested syx
Globals Dump request.syx (5 Bytes)
Globals Dump.syx (30 Bytes)
Patch dump request.syx (5 Bytes)
Patch dump.syx (1.1 KB)

I notice the patch dump is one series of bytes, not 5,(still learning), but that doesn’t change the issue.

Here’s the response of the E1 to the globals dump

In the mean time , I’ve deleted the additional request, but of no avail, the patch dump itself is not appearing in the patch editor.