E1 MK1 freezes on patch dump receipt (A-station)

I have this behaviour on the latest FW.

When Electra One App receives a patch dump, after having sent a patch dump request, the Electra One freezes.
The symptoms are the same whether the dump request is fired with the upper right button, via a midi SysEx request in lua, and while or while not the editor is in listening mode.
Via MIDI-ox I nicely see the request being created, and the A-station responding, but then the E1 freezes.

Weird thing: it used to work, and I did not change the parsing. But since I can’t make the parsing made visible anymore in real time in the editor, it’s kinda difficult to find the cause.

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Hi @NewIgnis, would it be possible to send me the patch dump sysex file so that I can run it on my E1? Thanks!

What processing do you do immediately after receiving the sysex dump?

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OCRed your MidiOX picture to get the data :slight_smile:

martinpavlas:firmware (main)$ sendmidi dev "USB MIDI cable Port 1" syx 00h 20h 29h 01h 40h 7Fh 00h 00h 11h 02h 00h 00h 10h 19h 00h 00h 40h 6Ah 15h 34h 40h 42h 40h 5Eh 40h 40h 40h 34h 36h 42h 40h 5Eh 40h 40h 40h 34h 49h 42h 44h 5Eh 40h 40h 40h 40h 40h 40h 49h 40h 40h 57h 7Eh 7Fh 00h 00h 00h 00h 5Bh 7Fh 38h 56h 40h 40h 40h 67h 41h 40h 40h 40h 00h 40h 00h 00h 3Ch 40h 52h 54h 7Fh 5Ch 40h 00h 00h 7Fh 72h 00h 41h 00h 00h 19h 00h 13h 03h 10h 07h 40h 40h 40h 38h 03h 40h 00h 00h 00h 00h 00h 40h 20h 1Eh 00h 40h 00h 40h 64h 52h 40h 6Dh 00h 40h 7Fh 02h 22h 40h 28h 62h 40h 14h 00h 4Ah 40h 40h 40h 14h 00h 00h 05h 00h 00h 00h 42h 00h 55h

When I send the message using the USB MIDI convertor, ie. E1 receives that via MIDI IO DIN, the controls get updated and the mk1 controller does not get stuck.

I guess it must be something with timing or message looping somehow.

tested with your A-station NIG V2h preset. I just gave it a try on mk2, works fine too.