The next step in my Akai Z8 project is the DWORD:

I need it to set sampling time.

I’m stumped on how to do this with one knob. I’ve made this preset:


It works in a fashion but it’s obviously a ridiculous way to do do it, how should it be combined into a single, elegant knob?

SB2 appears to be redundant, the LSB supplies chunks of time up to 127 seconds, SB1 defines at what second LSB is added so sb1=0 and LSB=1 gives a time of one second whereas if SB1 was 2 the time would be 127*2 +1. The MSB just seems to cause the calculation to be executed, the value appear to be irrelevant.

Any tips would be great, thanks.

combine them in 2 controls, each with a setting of 14 bits max (value range 0…16.383 instead of 0…127). You then call them ‘coarse’ and ‘fine’

Maybe the MSB is functional but only for very, very long samples…