SWORD in sysex?

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Working down my list here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zCNnnCsi13knGtpMA

I’m onto sword, here is the preset: Electra One App

I have it working but it doesn’t work quite right yet. The manual calls for +/-3600:

But if I use this it is hardly functional, I dropped it to +/-36 and this works full range but for each increment/decrement of the screen integers, 1,2,3,4 etc I get values in the sampler that look very familiar: 1.28, 2.56, 3.84, 5.12 etc all +/- in sync with the control.

Also, if an sbyte is 7 bits plus a sign bit, how to I get a sign + lsb + msb into 14 bytes?

Check the syntax in the manual please, and verify first if what (I think) they claim is true (see screenshot)

It clearly shows an SBYTE is two bytes long: one for the sign and one for the 7 bits 0…127. That is in total 8 significant bits (1 in byte 1, 7 in byte 2)

So there is no way you can put sign + 14 bits in a SBYTE.

For an SWORD, notice that it says it needs 3 bytes : one byte for the sign, one for the lsb and one for the msb. That totals 15 significant bits (1 in byte 1, 7 in byte 2, 7 in byte 3).

Make yourself acquainted with these formats, not only in theory but by studying them. Can’t your synth send out any parameter changes by itself, so you can capture them in a MIDI viewer ?

The Electra One is a great tool for controlling parameters, but you have to understand the logic of your synth as well to be succesful in matching the Electra One with it.

Another tip: be aware the definition of things like SBYTE of SWORD are NOT universal. These are definitions that may differ between manufacturers. Be sure always to verify yourself how a certain manufacturer is filling up the bits. Never take these things for granted, and never assume SysEx manuals are 100% correct. That’s is why you must verify anyways.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, I meant is it impossible since there are only 14 bits available to me in this parameter box, not to put it into an SBYTE.

Should I assume that it is impossible to send a SWORD with the Electra?

Unfortunately no, Akai Z8.

I have that SBYTE working perfectly now. Thanks!

If my akai is not sending sysex, have you any suggestions as to how I might deduce the correct SWORD format?

Thanks for your help.

Figured it out, thanks for your help, just tried a few options and got it.

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