[Editor?] Devices editing does not persist

I try to configure the devices, so I can use all 16 channels for MIDI 1. I edit the Devices that are per default assigned to MIDI 2 over. Than I close the preset and reopen it, then the edits are gone.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new Preset
  2. Select "MIDI Port 2 -> Generic MIDI Channel 1
  3. Change Port to #1, Set Channel to 9
  4. Exit Preset
  5. Reopen Preset
  6. Change is gone

I checked the object sent to electra on the chrome browsers debugging console.
It seems that the changed devices are not sent to the electra either.

It seems, that Devices, that are not used are neither stored nor transfered, while devices that are used in the patch are indeed stored and transfered in the preset.
So this might be just a “perperation” issue but none, that kills the workflow at the end.

Hi Uija.

You need to add at least one control using the modified device. Then it will be persisted.

When you just customize the device configuration, but you don’t have any control in the preset for that device, the device is “removed” for optimization purposes.

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