Web interface not saving preset modifications

Hi !
I’m having an issue with the web interface. I’ve been making changes to a preset this morning and uploading them to the E1. Everything seems to work fine, and this afternoon I came back to the web interface to make some further adjustments, but most of my previous modifications had vanished from the online preset ! My preset online and on the E1 don’t match anymore… And I need to rebuild all the changes I made. I’m reporting this bug because it’s actually the second time it happens to me. The first time I didn’t lose too much work, so I kept on going. But it seems to be a recurring bug, so it might need looking into.

Has anybody had a similar issue ?
Can I download the preset from the E1 (using console ?) to send it back online so I don’t need to go through all the lost changes ?


Hi @Jesse,

I am sorry for that. The fix is on the way. It is being currently tested and will be included in the upcoming web app release.



Hi Martin !
Thx for the quick reply.
Any chance I can salvage the “good” version stored inside the E1 ? :grin:

sending a 0xF0 0x00 0x21 0x45 0x02 0x01 0xF7 SysEx message to Electra’s USB CTRL port will force Electra to dump the current preset. More info on that can be found at Get current preset. If you overwrote the preset in the controller, your work is lost, unfortunately :frowning:

Thx Martin !
Looks like it might take me more time to understand how to send the sysex message and retrive the preset than to simply rebuild the changes ! :grin:
I often get to that conclusion when doing computer stuff, should I manually do it, or should I program something to do it for me…
And thanks for fixing the bug !

The fix is out. I hope these mysterious losses of work will not happen any more.

As of firmware 2.2 Electra presets are saved automatically whenever:

  1. preset is sent to the controller
  2. editor window is left
  3. user hits the save button

using the Save button makes it possible to attach a comment to a saved version. All saved versions can be seen and managed on a dedicated page: