Web app not saving "device" information

I can’t get the web app to save device information, like MIDI channel, rate, and patch request info. When I alter this information the “Save Revision” button remains greyed out. When I close and re-open the editor the device information is reset to the defaults. I’m on a Mac using Chrome Version 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (arm64). [Edit: Also tried on MS Edge v111…same result]

Also tried editing the JSON file and then importing into a new preset on the web app. None of the device information was carried over.

OK, it’s not my browser, as I’m able to export and import Martin’s DX7 preset and everything works as expected, even after ‘beautifying’ and editing it. My preset was created a few years ago before all the changes, so there’s something in there the web app doesn’t like.

I tried starting a new preset with only the device information, and then when I copied any control from my old preset into the new one in the web app, the devices section would get erased (when I pressed ‘leave editor’ and ‘edit’ again). Does this mean my old presets can’t be updated in the new web app without the patch request information being overridden?

This seems to have worked now. I started a new preset and copied in the patch request information, then I created the first control from scratch in the web app. From there I was able to copy the controls, one by one, from the old preset in the web app between browser windows.

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Hi @urbanspaceman, first off, I am very happy to see you back! I am sorry for responding so slow. I was not around the computer for about a week or so.

I guess you resolved the problem by yourself from what you wrote. Still, if you pass me link / file of the old preset I can review what’s happening there. There were quite some changes made to the preset format and sometimes it was hard to keep it fully backward compatible.

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Thanks Martin, good to speak to you again, too. Looks like I’ve got the fix for now, I’m just getting back into music again and am going through my Electra presets and am trying to incorporate the new features you’ve put in since 2021. I’ll certainly let you know if I get stuck.


Happy to see you back in music

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