Electra App update - New fader overlay and list items editor

The new version of Electra App was just released at https://app.electra.one


  • New fullscreen editor for fader overlays and list items
  • Items order can be re-arranged by drag & drop
  • New bitmap editor for fader and list items
  • Copy & Paste functionality for fader overlays and list items
  • Copy & Paste functionality for bitmap

Credits to @urbanspaceman for the awesome Yamaha TX81Z preset that is already using the bitmap feature.


wow. thats really great @Tomas !

is there a way we can import/export a bitmap?
Im thinking then we could have a topic on the forum to hold user created bitmaps so they can be re-used.

might be interesting if pads could have images (on/off state?) rather than just text.

Sharing bitmaps among users sounds like a great idea. We will think about it.

For now, you can at least copy bitmaps between presets using the new Copy and Paste functionality.

I’ve put all the graphics I’ve created into this preset. You can copy and paste them to other presets if you find them useful.


Thanks ! very handy !

Anyone else having trouble copying and pasting bitmaps between presets? It seems like within a single list I’m able to copy and paste a bitmap, but that isn’t of much help. So far I’ve had to download presets, and then manually add the bitmaps into the json file which is a bit tedious.

Maybe it is just my browser?

New version of app was just released with improved copy & paste: https://forum.electra.one/t/electra-app-update-undo-redo-and-virtual-parameters

Could you please try it now and let me know, if it works for you?


yep! works now, thanks Tomas!

Nice update! There was however a way I could paste a list of key/value pairs I prepared externally which is not available anymore or I just can’t find how to do it. Any chance of bringing this functionality back?

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