Program Changes available as a Knob/Slider


This is my first post. I looked for a similar discussion and wasn’t able to find one. It would be nice if the program change assignments could be available as a fader (or a list for those of us that are really OCD :smiley: ) so that the efficiency of the screen real-estate could be saved as opposed to having to dedicate a pad on the touch screen for every possible program slot.

For example a pad to change the bank (currently a simple available setup) next to a fader or list setting to go through the presets would be a really awesome upgrade.

Thanks for thoughts on this feature or ideas/information on how to do this in the current firmware.


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Usually on the performance page I build a set of program select controls. These are a program select fader, a bank select fader, a button to move one up, to select the current one (again) and to move one down. However this involves some lua code you need to tweak to your own synth. After all each synth uses its own bank and patch number interpretation. Electra One App

You can make a simple program fader as well: just use the program type fader. Have a look at Robin Candy’s preset for this. It does not use any coding. Electra One App

Thanks so much. I was reading through the manual and still hadn’t updated my firmware. After I updated I saw that program changes can be mapped to a list slider. Awesome!!

Now to figure out how to send multiple ccs and sysex values at a time with 1 pad trigger (not nrpn or rpns). The uno synth pros midi implementation uses unnecessarily complicated midi messages just to switch from mono, mono legato and paraphonic voicings. Cheers!

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