Electra App updated - Fullscreen Sysex data editor

The new version of Electra App was just released at https://app.electra.one


  • New patch editor (under device configuration)
  • Fullscreen sysex data editor
  • Several bug fixes


A new Patch Editor allows editing of SysEx patch dump parsing rules directly in the preset editor. It was possible only in external text editors till now.

SysEx templates can be now edited in the full screen editor instead of small text window.


This is sooooo much better! Thanks!


Tomas and I have quite some ideas on the next steps regarding the “SysEx editor”. It would be great, however, to hear your what you would like to have there.

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I’m far from a software expert so I don’t know how useful any of this would be.

Folding things inside an opening and closing bracket (whatever you call that). So you could fold up sections you’re not working on?

Line numbering?

Error highlights?

Maybe an overview showing where the error is located? Kind of like a zoomed out view (not unlike the Ableton Live overview) where a section is highlighted showing the error. Click on it to jump to that section.

Common code library with insert function.
It would insert a correctly formatted section with kind of stuff for newbies.

Built in Decimal to Hex calculator and vice versa?

That’s all I got.