Modal Skulpt - Program Change

I’m doing a preset for Modal’s Skulpt synth which has a really horrible UI that I can see

I want to implement patch request but there doesn’t seem to be a sysex call I can make that will respond with the current patch. What I can see though is that everytime that the skulpt receives a program change message it responds with several sysex messages - one of which I’m pretty sure is the patch. Any ideas how I would go about implementing that within Electra?

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I would suggest adding a program change control to your preset. That way you can trigger the patch dump.

Then define your Patch with the response part only. Electra will parse the patch data as soon as it matches the header bytes. In other words, the Patch definition may consist of the responses only.

Ahh cool. So electra will respond to the patch dump without me have to specifically press the patch request button

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Yes, that’s correct. All incoming sysex messages are checked against the patch definitions. If the leading bytes match, parsing is executed. Pressing of the button is optional.

The [Patch request] button just simply sends all patch requests but it is not involved in the parsing.