Electra hangs while in sleep mode

I’ve got electra into the sleep mode and about 20 minutes after it failed to wake up to the menu button press. Seems that I can repro it all the time.

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only right bottom button can wake up E1, is it the one you press?

@martin could you confirm in previous firmware version any button or knob could wake up E1? now it’s only the bottom one on the right. thanx

@farcaller are you running windows, or any type of virtualisation?

@Richard, it was always the right bottom button that wakes Electra up. Just checked that in the code.

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I’m running windows (and WSL2, thus an active hypervisor).

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Ok, yeah there is something about windows and the sleep mode. It is happening on windows only. It looks like that Windows put the USB device (on the windows side) to some mode / state after a period of inactivity. As Electra is not aware of that (or ignores that), things go wrong when it starts communicating again.

I have this on my todo list. I do believe it can even cause a blue screen on windows. I am not aware that this would be reported for MacOs X or Linux.

@farcaller did you check if you have “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” on on any of your USB hubs? I’ve had plenty of issues in the past with that setting on - I’d recommend turning it off.

I have that enabled on pretty much all of the hubs, yeah.

hi, i can report electra not waking up from sleep here on macos. It works, then I close laptop, go to bed, then open laptop, then press button to wake electra up, then it won’t wake up. Is there a way to overcome this? As no physical on/off it’s kinda frustrating as i have to unplug and plug it back in.

also, is there a possibility to implement an auto sleep feature with customizable timer? would be helpful (and likely extend display life of electra!)

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Linking the following thread in:

Hi Martin the questions stand. It hangs in sleep mode. And an auto off timer would be great.

yup, I know. I am looking at the issue so that it could be resolved in upcoming release (or releases).

oh okay cool! thank you