Hardware: power button to switch on the unit


All is in the title. I really don’t like gear that always needs to be connected to the computer via USB (it’s part of the workflow) and that always switches on as soon as you start your computer. A lot of MIDI keyboards work like that, and it would find more convenient to decide if we would like to use the E1 or not during a computer music session. Sure we can unplug/replug the USB cable every day but it’s not a solution.

Therefore, a physical switch would be welcome for a hypothetical E1 gen3.

Thank you,


There is button combo to put Electra One to sleep mode and to wake it up. It is true, however, that it starts to the normal mode when the cable is connected.

Thanks for your response. Let’s hope for a dedicated button for a new gen.

In the meantime, don’t you think an option could be implemented so that the unit would start in sleep mode (instead of normal mode) when connecting the USB cable to a computer? that would be a good compromise in my opinion