Electra One back in stock

It took rather long to complete this batch. It feels that each batch comes with something unexpected. This time it was the shortage of electronic components.

The global shortage of electronic components and aluminium had a big impact on our production. We had to change a few suppliers, such changes always require extra time for making sure everything works perfectly.

Above complications and a huge increase in price of certain electronic parts (especially ICs and LCD) forced us to increase the Electra One price too. The new price is 549 EUR, it includes shipping and the VAT.

Orders can be placed directly on our website https://electra.one/

The shipments are currently made within 1 - 2 weeks after placing the order. The tracking number and invoice will be sent at the time of the shipment.


Martin - just to let you know DHL have sent me a email asking for VAT and Import duties (£80.53). I decided to pay it - as I want the item! - and work out the situation later. What’s your understanding on this - many thanks.

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Hi @riggar, the VAT is included in the price, so you should not pay that again. The hard part is that brexit brought quite some mess in this. I will check with Zdenek and will get back to you. Paying the import duty makes sense, the VAT does not. We can file a complaint from our side as the party that shipped the goods. In any case I will make sure that this gets resolved.

Ah! Martin, thanks very much for helping.

I thought it was a bit odd – appreciate that things don’t always go to plan in the post Brexit world …

I did post a query to DHL’s support / customer services to raise it with them – I’ll let you know what they say, if they come back.

Many thanks,


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ok, if you need any support / info from our end, just let me know. Good luck!


ElectraOne arrived midday today BUT unfortunately there’s some damage to the case.

It’s not major, but the sort of thing one might expect as a ‘B’ stock item.

I’ll get a picture for you to see later on today – just wanted to let you know.



Hi Rigby,

I am sorry to hear that. It feels like your Electra story is not going right so far. I assemble the hardware by myself and Zdenek checks them before shipping. I can imagine, however, that we could miss something, the work load has been immense in last few days. Please send me the pictures and any additional info on the PM. I will review it. If there is anything wrong with the unit, you will get replacement.