Any idea when the next batch will be available?

Keep up the good work

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We ran out of stock and it is not easy to get all the components to assemble new Electras. I do not expect having anything for sale before end of August :frowning:

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This is great to hear. Is there any way to sign up for an email when new stock arrives. Currently checks your site everyday, but mortified to miss the opportunity in the current GAS climate. We all saw what happened with the Hapax and SP-404 mk2 releases :wink:

Every time I’ve tried to get an Electra One over the past few years they have been out of stock. I would also be interested in signing up on an email list for when the next batch is available if that is possible.

We will open preorders some time in July. I will inform everybody who asked about availability here on the forum / mail / elsewhere.

I am sorry for ignoring this a little bit. Almost all time available goes to working on the new firmware version and arranging manufacturing in these weird times…


I’m also interested in buying one. Is there a way to get notified once there is stock?

I have to announce that I am forced to suspend work on new batches of the controllers. An explanation is provided at An update - #10 by martin

Not new, but still, there are two units available on ebay currently.

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