Electra One controllers available for sale

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce that our controller is for sale again!

There is a decent number of Electra Ones in stock. We have also set up a manufacturing cycle where there is always a next batch in the production. It means if we run out of stock, they will be restocked in no longer than 2 - 3 weeks. There will not be pre-orders and pre-order batches any more. We will sell Electras only if we have them in stock and the shipping will be arranged within 3 business days after the order is placed.

As Electra has not been for sale for quite some time and there have been many people waiting for it we expect higher demand in coming days. Therefore we decided to announce the availability here on the forum first, to give the forum users a chance to get one before we send out a public announcement.

To get your Electra, please visit our brand new website at https://electra.one/.


Martin, Tomas, and Zdenek

Electra One team

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Martin, is the only color currently available the dark grey one?

Yup, it is. We decided to build grey ones only. They look the best and proved to be practical in terms of dust and finger prints.

Awesome! I will purchase one in the coming minutes.

For some reason I am having issues with the transaction, whether I use Google Pay or the standard credit card way. I am on the phone with the bank as I type.

The Bank was suspicious of the purchase because of the Address that comes up on their system associated with Electra.One. It’s a crazy long number that is showing up before your address.

Anyway, if anyone else has issues, you may need to clear it with your bank if the transaction does not initially go through.

thanks for reporting! We will check with the Stripe (payment gateway) what is happening there.

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How can we get this cool blue color one? Is that a limited edition run in the future? :slight_smile: J/k


I really wanted that Electra to go with the pen :slight_smile:

We tested a few versions of the finish in the early phase of the project. This is one of them. I must admit that they look better on the photos than in the reality. Eventually we decided to produce the dark grey version only. It looks great and we can optimize the manufacturing process by having just one type of the enclosure. I can imagine making occasionally a custom finish but it would definitely come with higher cost and long waiting time.

Got my hardware. It’s really solid and I’m delighted. Looking forward to digging in.

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For those who are interested, DHL is moving packages quickly from Czechia to the East coast of USA.

I just received an update from DHL that my electra.one is arriving today.

From the DHL site, DHL picked up the package this Monday October 26th from Electra and has delivery today, October 28th. Thats pretty quick!



We are sold out. It was quick, I was expecting to have enough in stock before next batch of PCBs arrives. New Electras will be available mid November again.