What colour options are there (planned)?

What colours options are there for the Electra One?
I see many in the photos of the site.

(Real 1st world problem, I know :blush:)

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Hi Joris,

welcome here. We will update the website eventually to present the dark grey version only. The story goes as follows: Originally, there was a black, silver, and grey version. Even though the all looked good we decided to reduce it just to the grey (reducing costs, black prone to finger marks, etc). At this moment we want to stay with this one version only. Honestly, it looks very good. It actually looks better than on the photos :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply, appreciated.
How long do you think your current stock of parts will last for this batch?
What I try to ask is, how much time do I have before I decide to do the purchase?
(showing clear signs of FOMO :wink:)

I expect current stock to last at least 4 weeks. Currently it is a bit crazy on the sales side but it will slow down… I hope :slight_smile:

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OK, 4 weeks. Thnx.
Rather nice ‘problem’ to have, no? :smiley: