Electra One mkII

We have finally got to the point of preparing a new manufacturing batch. The unavailability of critical parts and experience learned in last three years resulted in designing an updated version of Electra One.

Electra One mkII is fully compatible with the original Electra One. The changes are under the hood. A new CPU and large memory expand capability of the controller. When we designed the original unit three years ago, it was really meant to be just a synth programmer. It was you - the users - who gave the direction to the project. Electra One mkII is designed to handle lot more MIDI traffic, run complex Lua scripts, and do all that much faster.

An important thing to mention: we keep the original Electra One fully supported. Whenever we come with a new feature, we will try to implement it for both makes, the original and mkII. Of course, sometimes it will not be possible.

And the most raving feature: the SD card will be accessible :slight_smile:


Hi Martin, will the unit look the same? The same form factor?
Will the memory upgrade allow the e.one to be able to handle larger blocks of incoming sysex data?
Or will the MK1 also be able to deal with larger incoming data?

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yes, I keep the same form factor. The size of the controller feels just right. An attempt to make it with 16 knobs resulted in bulky, ugly device.

What is on the drawing board, greatly inspired by input from @NewIgnis and by what I saw on @phonaak desk, is a docking station for Electra One, that would offer additional 24 pots, a set of extra buttons to switch pages, presets, modes. There would be also an extra narrow LCD and larger encoder. The docking station would also feature more USB ports and a power supply. I am about to make a few prototypes. I am not sure if and when it would be actually manufactured.

mk1 with firmware 3.0 and higher handles large SysEx messages. The difference between mk1 and mkII in this is that while mk1 stores larger SysEx messages in relatively slow external RAM (actually the unused part of the video RAM), mkII will do the work in SDRAM directly connected to the processor. It means much faster and without multiplexing data transfers with refreshing the graphics on the LCD.


And how much extra RAM will it have?
Im asking because I DID ran out of RAM on some insanely large lua based presets!

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There is 64MB on board. 32MB directly accessible with Lua (currently around 150kB) and other 32MB for storing graphical assets, lists, etc.

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YES!!! Add a field to store a string (like json) and I’ll be the happiest!

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I was away from my device and i get back and installed the new update. I was about to write something about how mutch the E1 is a mature midi controller regarding all the midi controller i had /have/know. Robust, autonomous, user friendly , useable for both beginner and Advanced people . Totaly customizable ! And the new firmware confort greatly my opinion … Am i FAN ?..yes :tada: . Then, wow ! A new version more powerfull with more controlled parameters ! That’s ! A ! GREAT ! NEWS !
After playing with the MKI the thing i would love to see on the MKII is to have the ability to control all the 24 “others” displayed parameters with an external controller connected to the E1 natively (without the need of lua of coding i mean :slight_smile: ) . Touch screen is great for “macro” mouvement when you don’t need to be precise and i love to have to ability to use it but i clearly prefers pots, faders, buttons etc when i need to be precise . Touchscreen is great for X/Y or controlling one parameter with a big fader or for 0/127 buttons .

Thanks Martin ! That’s a great news ! :slight_smile: . I buy one now ! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :joy:

PS : And the forum … My god ! such energy, knowledge,positivity and simplicity ! i love that ! Thanks to all the E1 World !!

PS 2 : I see i can ALREADY preorder it !!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: !! That’s an awesome news then !!! :wink: … 5000 parameters !!! :joy: :grin: . I think i won’t need more …normaly… :grin:


Wow… that would be quite awesome!

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well, I really like the idea of placing the -master- channel of your preset to the second LCD on the right side. Keeping the main LCD on the controller for the channel strips :slight_smile:

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Good news!

How much more mAh the MK2 will draw (and how much the “old” unit)? Asking because for my busking setup and using powerbanks.

The asked OSC feature: is the MK2 needed for this because higher usage of those SySex messages?

Slightly off-topic: is it technically possible that someone or you could change the display to a way more brighter one? (In case there are some available)

It is the same. Extra current needed by the faster CPU is insignificant in comparison to what the LCD requires. It stays under 500mA with at full brightness.

Not needed. That will work on mk1 too.

It is busy days now. Let’s discuss that later. It could be done, but it is not an easy thing to do.

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I use 2 Intech Studio EN16 controllers as an addition to the E1.
…few ideas.
If the encoders have RGB LEDs, it is much easier to identify which parameter they belong to. If the encoder is also a switch, it is very useful.

Agreed! I also use EN16 (and two EF44’s) from Intech. They’re pretty customizable.

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Yeah, I also have some Intech Studio controllers. Pretty customizable. Good to use with Electra One.

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Do you use ableton?

Yes, but I use Bitwig more, lately.

Can you solve somehow that the EN16 “follows” the change of the E1 pages?
Or is it not important to you? :slight_smile:

I do not yet have an Electra One, I just placed my order this morning. I’m very excited!
So I can’t speak to the issue you’re describing.

Hi Martin, do you expect the electra’s to sell out during the preorder, or will there still be stock available for purchase once may comes around?


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