Ensoniq Mirage Soundprocess OS template

I am working on a template and got some questions.

Work in progress:

I have a parameter that affect 2 OSC pairs and I need to select which OSC pair first before sending the PARAMETER update sysex I have to send an OSC PAIR select message.

How can I send 2 sysex messages for 1 parameter?

What I want to accomplish is a knop for ever single parameter of both OSC Pairs.
So instead having the OSC pair select as a switch in the template I would like to send it with each parameter update.

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simple Lua function could do the trick here. Do you have the sysex documentation available? I would take a look at that.

hi Martin, yes I do have the sysex documentation.
in fact many parameters are already working in the template.

But there is now way to update a parameter and tell which oscillator pair you want to update.

there is an oscillator “pair select parameter” that can be 1 or 2.
and when you update a parameter the update will apply on the selected “oscillator pair”.

the parameter number are the same for both pairs so not individually addressable.

hope this makes sense

Can you explain how i could use lua script?

the lua script shoukd send the “osc pair select” sysex message 1 time before sending the sysex parameter and data of that corresponding knop.