External control sync with cc /pc/note

It would be a very useful function to be able to send a cc/pc/note message (to usb host device, etc)when changing the E1 pages /Presets

The Electra One log viewer gets a message when you change a page, so maybe there’s a way to monitor the Electra Control port to get what you want. Kind of a workaround for sure, but the E1 OS clearly knows a page change has happened.

The other thought is normally to change a page, you are holding down button 6 and touching a control knob, so maybe you can monitor for that combination in the app itself.

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I don’t have the E1 at the moment, but when I do, I’ll definitely try it. It would be great to find a solution. I have a Blokas midihub, with which I can convert almost any message from the E1 sends to the necessary cc.

these sysex messages “appear” on the E1 control port when switching pages. shorter messages when pressing the “page selection” button, longer messages when selecting pages. I don’t know sysex messages at all. is it possible to convert the 4 longer sysex messages realtime to midi cc messages?

System Exclusive (sysex) messages and Continuous Controller (CC) messages are two different and separate forms of MIDI device communication. They can be different packages for the same information, but typically they are not 1 to 1 translatable.

Among the main differences are - sysex messages target a specific device and ignore MIDI channel information. CCs are designed to be generic across any device, but do depend on a channel number. Some hardware can accept either form to do common things like edit parameters, but most of the time the two protocols are used for different purposes.

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