Page Change: Custom Sysex or MIDI Out Message

I’m working on Grid modular controllers. Got a Grid user, who uses our encoder modules to control parameters on his Electra One. The Grid controllers as USB MIDI devices are connected to the USB A port of Electra.

We want to create a solution, where Grid can receive and listen to page change messages from Electra, and do a page change on Grid as well. In the other direction this already works, when the user changes a page on Grid, that will send MIDI message to Electra to follow along.

Based on the documentation it seems now that Electra One sends out the page change event in sysex format. Grid can receive sysex, but it’s no easy task to parse long sysex messages at the moment. It would be ideal to receive an exact and short sysex message, like one where first 3 byte represents the standard manufacturer id, things like that, THEN in 2 bytes we could get page_number code and the page value, something like that.

So in summary, can the Electra one send out on page change a short sysex code or event better, a standard MIDI message on the USB-A port?



I am. :slight_smile:
it is not important to send the message to the USB port. if it’s on the control port, it’s perfect. I can solve the routing with Ableton.
currently the Grid Controllers are connected to the usb host port of E1.

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Tobias (AbletonDrummer) made me the “Electra One Page Receive To Midi CC - AbletonDrummer” ml4 device for FW3.
We tested it, it works perfectly.

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