Faulty sd

HI my sd is faulty inside the electra one mk1
can you please let me know the procedure?
i already opened the case and i just need to replace it with a new one

best dim


follow the instructions at: Electra one HW 2.30 and 2.40 mkI -> mkII upgrade guide
That will guide you to the point of removing the SD card from the display board.

The next step is to prepare the new card.
sd-mk1.zip (160.9 KB)

unzip the file and copy its contents on to the sd card. This should be directly in the root of the SD card:


Insert the new card to the SD card slot on the display board and assemble the controller. I would suggest to try to boot it up before you mount all the knobs and the back panel. Just in case it did not work.

If you had troubles, pls reach me on the chat or PM. Thanks!

Thank you so much
is it possible to order the upgrade?

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yup. upgrades are still available. pls ping me on the PM for details.